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World Council of Sovereigns

Sovereign International Treasury Monetary One​

The Sovereign International Treasury Monetary One is an international sovereign financial organization designed to promote economic growth, develop trade and economic relations between countries and promote integration through investment activities. Our organization cooperates with many different structures, offering financial and economic support for the stabilization of local, national, international and global economic systems.

Sovereign International Consumer Cooperative Light Great Russia

The WSUC LGR is determined to establish an inclusive and transparent international process on sustainable development goals in the world, open to all stakeholders, to develop global sustainable development goals. The eradication of poverty is the greatest global challenge of our time and a necessary precondition for sustainable development.

Sovereign International Consumer Cooperative ROD

Slovak Customer Cooperative ROD is an international financial institution and is a unifying instrument for all individuals – natural persons and legal entities, from any part of the world, regardless of gender, religion, social status, opinions and other attitudes. The cooperative creates the same conditions for each member. The conditions of how you can become a shareholder of the SPDR are discussed in the application form and the contract itself between the SPDR and the person interested in joining the Cooperative. All information is available on our SPDR website.

World Sovereign Union of Cooperation Light Great Rus

The WSUC LGR has the Status of the Chief Regulator in all Share Consumer Cooperative Societies and Unions of the World. We also would like to explain that the WSUC LGR is fundamentally distinct in its legal foundation from legal entities both in Russia and in other countries, and is a free Sovereign Society that is not subject to taxation.

Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta,
The Supreme Sovereign of the Order of the Hospitallers

The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta, The Supreme Sovereign of the Order of the Hospitallers is the oldest knightly order in the world. It is positioned as a state. It has the status of an observer organization at the UN and the Council of Europe. It maintains diplomatic relations with 107 countries. It issues its own passports, prints its own currency and postage stamps. The Order of the Hospitallers has always been concerned with helping the population, treating and treating the sick.

Great Sovereign Country Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Great Country of the Sovereign – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the State Committee for the State of Emergency of the USSR, headed by the Chairman of the State Emergency Committee of the USSR, Army General fellow Boris Khachimovich Satushiev, Commissar of the State Emergency Committee.

World Sovereign Bank of the Order of Hospitallers

The World Sovereign Bank of the Order of the Hospitallers is a united bank, a credit bank for the national economy and the settlement center of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Rhodes, Malta, The Supreme Sovereign of the Order of the Hospitallers.

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